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Every space is different, every room a reflection of a family or a business. A floor is the foundation of every room and choosing the right flooring is the most important step in creating the right atmosphere. Flooring is a spacious representation that can promote excitement, tranquility, confidence, warmth or any number of other emotions. Flooring is a room’s palate upon which we paint a beautiful, livable, functional space.

SNJ Contracting Group has the experience necessary to help you determine the right flooring application for virtually every need.  Whether it’s a boardroom or bedroom, kitchen or retail outlet, SNJ Contracting Group brings a level of experience and professionalism as your flooring contractor, ensuring you get the results you deserve.

Quality Flooring Contractors

The best installers understand the many different characteristics of the material with which they work.  From ceramic tile to hardwoods, carpeting to laminates, qualified flooring contractors are skilled at delivering exacting fit and finish. The best flooring provides not only initial aesthetic appeal but also delivers long-term durability.  It is predictable in its overall performance from installation to ease of maintenance and beyond.

The abilities of the best installers can be dramatically reduced when forced to work with second-rate material.  Conversely, the look and performance of even the best floorings can be negatively impacted by second-rate installers.  SNJ Contracting Group is proud to work with some of Florida’s best professional flooring installers.  These consummate craftsmen know which materials are best suited for each and every residential and commercial application and they have the experience necessary to deliver beautiful results with each and every installation.

Residential Flooring Contractor in Pompano Beach, FL

Residential Flooring

A kitchen floor will see much more traffic than a bedroom floor. The wear and tear a living room floor covering sees is incredibly different from that of a bathroom. Whatever the room, you want flooring that not only reflects your lifestyle but also provides beauty and durability.  The professionals at SNJ Contracting Group can walk you through the process of selecting the perfect flooring for any and every room in your home. Our skilled designers will work with you to ensure that your new flooring perfectly melds and compliments your existing decor, or, when applicable, we will provide color scheme and design ideas from the ground up!  Whether you need flooring for your new room addition or a brand new look to complement your remodeling project, you can trust the professionals at SNJ Contracting Group study results for your home.

Commercial Flooring Contractor in Coral Springs, and Lighthouse Point, FL

Commercial Flooring

The commercial landscape throughout Florida is forever changing and always growing. From the hospitality industry to Industrial parks and office complexes, space is at a premium.  Flooring is one of the most cost-effective ways to improve the overall look of any commercial space, increasing its appeal and overall worth.  The right flooring application can add a level of luxury and professionalism that puts you ahead of your competition. The professionals at SNJ Contracting Group can show you options in flooring that add aesthetic appeal and value. They are especially adept at suggesting flooring that meets particular needs that include safety concerns, durability issues and budgetary restrictions.  Companies throughout Florida have trusted the commercial contractors at SNJ Contracting Group to provide expert guidance and timely project completion in commercial flooring applications.


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