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Home Restoration to Bring Things Back to Normal

A home is supposed to be a safe haven…a place you count on always being there to bring comfort, safety and security.  When disaster strikes, it can be emotionally devastating to a family. Hurricanes, floods, fires and other disasters change lives in an instant. In the middle of such tremendous uncertainty, it’s good to know you can count on the professionals at SNJ Contracting Group to deliver quick, efficient and professional home restoration and repair services when you need them the most.

Home Renovations and Residential Painting

Following a disaster, time is of the essence when it comes to protecting your property. When you and your family are suddenly without the use of your home, your single desire is to get back to the way life was before the incident. Water damage, smoke, structural integrity issues: these are just a few of the problems that require an expedient solution.

When water is involved, its quick removal is absolutely vital to reduce and/or eliminate mold as a potential problem and a serious health risk. The quick removal of water is equally imperative to protecting wood furniture and flooring from warping.

That campfire aroma may be comforting when you’re gathered around with friends, but when it strongly permeates everything you own it’s a serious problem.  Proper processes in smoke removal treatments can greatly reduce the loss of furniture, favorite clothing, personal possessions, electronics and other items after a fire…but it must be done expediently and effectively.  Quickly securing the premises, protecting it from the elements and uninvited individuals is the first step.

SNJ Contracting Group works with professional restoration service providers who understand the urgency of quick response.
They are sensitive to the personal nature of restoring and protecting your personal items and are dedicated to helping you reclaim as much of your life as possible following a disaster.

Home Restoration from our General Contractor

Whether it’s paint and siding repair, water damage restoration, wind damage repairs, fire damage restoration or mold damage restoration, SNJ Contracting Group works with Florida’s best restoration service providers to deliver the results you want with the personal service you deserve.  Water extraction, smoke damage treatment, structural repairs: you can trust the professionals at SNJ Contracting Group to get the job done quickly, effectively and efficiency. With our hands-on approach, frequent job site inspections and open communication policy with our clients, SNJ Contracting Group is the smart solution for home restoration throughout Coral Springs, Lighthouse Point, Oakland Park, Pompano Beach and surrounding communities throughout Florida.

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